Artillery Cadence/Songs.


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These are from another site that I run (a artillery site in norwegian).

Just had to add them here. :D :D

Enjoy: :firedevi:


By them we live,
For them we would die.
Whatever the Mission,
We'll give it a try.
We'll serve them with Honor
For they are the ones;
That make us Artillerymen,
So here's to the Guns: 

Gunner's Chant

I was born with a lanyard in my hand,
I'm a real straight shooter, I'm a gunnin' man.

They call me Cannon Cocker, and I'm number one,
I'm a '55 baby, I'm a son of a gun.

Give me a 'jo and a long tube gun,
And I'll put the enemy on the run.

Ain't nobody as bad as me,
I am the Artillery.


Mama, oh mama, now can you see?
They put me in the Artillery.

Men of war with their heads held high,
They're ready to fight, they're willing to die.

Tell my baby to forget about me,
I've got a new lover, the Artillery.

Tell my baby not to feel blue,
Tell her to join the Artillery, too.

King of Battle

Up jumped the dusty cannoneers,
They were real mean ones, just ask their peers.

They were killers, you could see,
But they gave the battle some dignity.

They lined fifty cannons up against the hill,
Bet twenty dollars they could fire them with skill.

They fired forty-eight 'til their hands were blue,
They jumped back, did push-ups, fired the other two.

Now their backbones are hard as rock,
They can pump projos around he clock.

Load that projo and that powder,
Make that blast sound a little louder.

In the battle all will see,
The king of battle is Field Artillery. '

Up Jumped a Soldier

Up jumped a soldier from a powder pit,
Said when it comes to fighting, you know I'm fit.

He lined a hundred fighters up against a wall,
Said I bet five dollars, I can beat 'em all.

Well, heat beat ninety-seven, then he fell to one knee,
Looked around, turned around, beat the other three.

When he died, he went straight to hell,
He beat up the devil and his demons as well.

On his tombstone, written in green,
It says, "Here Lies a Hard-Chargin' Artillery Machine.

Field Artillery

M109 rolling down the trail,
Look at the enemy turning tail.

HE ICM raining down,
WP burning all around.

If these shells are not enough,
Then the artillery will have to get rough.

If the enemy wants to die,
Atomic wisdom is our reply.

Watch 109 as it fires a round,
Feel the impact shake the ground.

Suppression, destruction, obscuration, too,
There isn't much that we can't do.

It's our preps and deadly fire,
That is maneuvers great desire.

Mixed with infantry, planes and tanks,
We're the punch in the combined arms ranks.

Redleg Running Song

Do your job now, do it right.
You'll go home, see Momma tonight.

Mess around, don't do your work.
Call you in, call you a jerk.

Artillery is the branch for me,
Other guys go infantry.

Grunts walk hard and they walk far,
In Artillery we ride by car.

Gunner, A.G., Number One,
All Cannoneers, we all like guns.

Close the breech and pull the string,
Man the '55 sure can sing,

F.O. says first rounds look bad,
Check your sights, see what you had.

FDC will slip their sticks,
Two more rounds now, make it quick.

F.O. says those rounds were close,
Six more rounds we'll drink a toast.

FDC sends a new QE,
Fire for effect with the Battery.

F.O. says those rounds were fine,
Let's go home and drink some wine.

155 going down the range,
Red hot steel makes you feel strange.

Hit you high and hit you low,
Try to hide, ain't no where to go.

Here we go, all the way,
All the way, Redleg...

Hold it High

Lift your head and hold it high,
The king of battle is passing by.

We're the best that can be found,
the artillery has come to town.

The infantry is looking blue,
They wish they were Artillery too.

Whenever the tankers get in trouble,
The Artillery's there on the double.

The Cav is always in a fix,
'Til the Artillery comes and saves their necks.

Enemy thinks they'll take us for a ride,
But they can kiss their lives good-bye.

Finer soldiers you'll never see,
For we are the Field Artillery.

Grunts and Tanks might be fun,
But the Artillery is number one.

Forward Observer's Lament

You climb up the mountain in the rain.
You study the map and then the terrain,
All you see is the rain and the mud,
The radio's dead and the first round's a dud.

You shoot 16 rounds and what do you get?
No registration and soaking wet.
S3, don't you call me cause I can't wait --
someone stole the wire to my double E8.

You look for the RP and it's easy to see,
1000 yards from your OP.
You multiply one by the sensing in mils
And the rounds come out on the distant hills.

You shoot 16 rounds and what do you get?
No registration and soaking wet.
S3, don't you call me cause I can't go --
I sold my soul to the FDO.

My buddy takes it easy most every day --
They bring him pills on a sterile tray.
His last command was "Roger, wait" --
Then the rounds fell in on OP 8.

He shot 16 rounds and what did he get?
a padded cell, and he lives there yet.
A Purple Heart hangs over his head,
And the sun shines through a hole in his head.

This is the end of the FO's song --
Some say a man can't go wrong
But they've never been on an old OP,
And suffered the mistakes of the FDC.
Hooha, very nice! I have heard different variations of some of them over the years, but these are great! 8)
Let's see if I can add one. This is one we used to use in HHB/5-3 FA (203mm, SP) at Rivers Barracks long ago:

Hail, Hail motorpool
8 inch power is the golden rule

Pull that tail 5 days in a row
Come on back and pull it some more

Hail, Hail motorpool
8 inch power is the golden rule

Punch that tube all shiny and bright
If you don't, you'll have to work tonight

Hail, Hail motorpool
8 inch power is the golden rule

Run 5 miles on that old darn track
Come on back Jack and run it some more

Hail, Hail motorpool
8 inch power is the golden rule
Whats the sound of Artillery
Boom Boom

Whats the sound of Artillery
Boom Boom

Whats the job of a 13 Bravo
shoot move and comunicate Boom Boom

I love that cadence I dont care if everyone uses it different lol :)