Army-Navy Game.

Who will be the "First to 50?"

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Well, it is getting close to that time of year again. Rivalry Week(s) is starting in College Football. Starting this weekend with several big games, among them are:

Virginia Tech @ Virginia.
Battle for the Commonwealth Cup, winner get's to be the Capitol city of the CSA if the South rises again that year.

Minnesota @ Iowa
Floyd of Rosedale. That's right, fighting for arguably the ugliest trophy in college football, a bronze pig.

Michigan @ Ohio State
If Penn State loses to Michigan State (IF) and Ohio States beats Michigan, OSU wins the Big Ten Title outright. If Michigan wins and PSU loses all three teams share the title. But if Penn State wins the outcome of this game matters little to anyone other than Ohio State or Michigan, but it is "The Big Game" none-the-less.

Alabama @ Auburn
The Iron Bowl. Winner likely moves onto to the SEC Championship game and a birth in a BCS Bowl, loser gets to play against a 6-5 team from the Western Athletic Conference.

Oregon State @ Oregon
The Toilet Bowl, err, Civil War pits OSU and U of O against each other in what is the states premier football contest. (I know, couldn't come up with anything.)

Clemson @ South Carolina
Charlie Whitehurst, QB for Clemson, has the opportunity no Clemson QB has ever had before, beat South Carolina four times. But Whitehurst and the rest of the Clemson squad are up against the "Ole ball coach" Steve Spurrier, who made Florida football what it is today and after a brief stint in the NFL he is back in the SEC and ready to shake things up again having already beaten Tennessee, Arkansas and Florida.

Fresno State @ USC
Not a rivalry, but it does deserve an honorable metion as Fresno State is the self proclaimed "BCS Buster." What does that mean? It means that their job is to play the best teams in the nation and beat the snott out of them. This little WAC team playing the best teams of the most dominant conferences in college football team and they have been rather successful. A Fresno State would raise chaos with the BCS.

Nebraska @ Colorado
This game, played every year the Friday after Thanksgiving, has no flashy name or anything, but it is still a great game to watch. I know it has great personal signifigance to me because I watch this game every year with my family as we celebrate Thanksgiving. (Complicated story.)

Georgia @ Georgia Tech

Florida State @ Florida

Oklahoma @ Oklahoma State

UCLA has the chance to do what nobody has done in three years (pending the result of the Freso State-USC game). Beat USC, should be good.

And Finally....

The Army-Navy Game
No national title implications, neither team is going to a bowl game, but it is the best that college football has to offer.
Navy --- 6-4
Army --- 4-6

However, Army has played 3 Top 25 teams compared to Navy's 1, Army has won 4 in a row and whoever wins this game also gets the Commander-in-Chief Trophy.
Bump. Shame, Army put on a good show for about two quarters, then it all went to hell in a handbasket in the 2nd half. MIDN Owens ran the triple option perfectly in the 2nd half, MIDN Ballard ran like Forrest Gump. Kudos to Navy.