Army Navy Game 2003-Anyone going?!?


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Anyone going to this years Army/Navy football game in Philidelphia? For those non-US citizens, the Army Navy football game has been going on for over a hundred years, and is one of the most revered sports events in our country. For the first time in my life Ill be going this year, to rout on the Black Knights (who are winless) against the my local Midshipmen. :D
I still have no idea what you are talking about.. :?:

But: Go Army! :D (you don't happen to have any Redleg teams there? If so: Go Redlegs... 8) )

And: Welcome to the forum DevilPup.. :D
I'm cheering for Navy because for being such a small team they can put up one heck of a fight. I loved the last two years they've come close to beating Notre Dame.
Yea, I have season tickets to Navy but Id really like to see Army get this one, lets face it, they need it. Congrats to the Mids who'll be playing in their first bowl game since '97 this year!
i'm just happy that Navy beat USAF this year. it's about time. i would have loved to see them beat notre dame though. but, i have to say, i would rather them beat Army this year than ND. :D
Well the Navy needs their small victories too I guess. Of course, since we're doing all the work these days, the Navy does have more time to practice past-times, so I don't know if it was all that fair of a contest. Stupid Navy. Haha, yeah, I'm a pretty sore loser.
I was never so cold in my life at that game. My seat was burried in snow and half the stadium was empty. Was a great experience though 8)