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Throughout all this posting I had it brought to my attention that I forgot to intrduce myself so here goes:

I joined the military in Jun1998. I enlisted in the Army National Guard as a light wheel vehicle mechanic. (63B) I drilled in New Mexico and at the same time I was attending college. I have majored in everything from Electrical Engineering, to Mechanical Engineering, Busniess Adminstration, and Psychology. In Nov 2002 I worked for Gateway Computers I started out as a Technical Support Agent and then I got promoted to a Sales Agent. I was really happy there and then in March 03, I got laid off, because Gateway pulled their contract. Then later that month my unit got activated and I have been on this same mission ever since. I am working in the S-1, which has been very good experience for me.

Throughout my time on active duty I have decided that I want to continue being on the active duty side. My enlistement for the guard is complete 17Jul, so I am just waiting for this mission to end so I can start my new career path. With my experience in the computer world, I hope to which my MOS to 74B, so I can be more of a benifit to the military.

I have been married for a little over year to my high school sweetheart. We had a baby girl August '03, so that has been an amazing experience. I am looking forward to what the future holds in store. I hope I did not bore you too much, but if you made it through this now you know a little more about me. Also you if you made it through this thank you for your time and feel free to comment on anything that I have said.
Welcome to the forum, brah, and good luck with your future on the Active Duty side. Congratulations on your daughter by the way.
Welcome to the forum thebrahmagr81 and wish you all of luck in and for the future :)


Welcome to the forum thebrahmagr81. Bets of luck on active duty. It's a WHOLE lot different then the guard. Done both so I know.