Are you able to re-arrange your gear in a certain order?


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is there an option where I can re-arrange my gear in a different order? ALso, can I have it so ALL my gear shows?
The gear shows up in the order that u bought it, u could sell ur gear at 75% of the original price and then buy them all again. I donno about the second part tho
You can't rearrange the gear (yet), I hope to get that fixed this weekend.

You need to buy it in the order you want it displayed.
You can, as DarkMb said, sell it back to the PX for 75% of they original price, and then buy it in the correct order again.
Yeah. It's something I've wondered about. Right now I have the USMC flag preceding the American flag. That's got to change quick, fast and in a hurry.

...The POW/MIA flag is still up in the air.