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ive noticed that u have reduced the amount of milbucks recieved for having a high score. Why?

and, How about u change that back Redleg?

Oh, and im on the highscores too.
Hey now, no complaints.
Heck, I whooped all y'alls' rear ends and got jack to show for it. :wink: :lol:
The reason why I lovered the prize milbucks is that I'm planning to add some more games this month, and theoretically one person can have all of the highscores in the end of the month.

I think that's a bit too much, and it kinda breaks with the whole MilBucks idea to be able to win too much on games, because I implementet the MilBucks to reward active (posting) members.

But I'm as always open to new suggestions and discussions around this subject..
I see... hm ill try to think of something.

To Redneck, in the end Futureranger and i had two high scores while, u and Redleg had three high scores. I can beat u anyday.
Darkmb101, truce, we are in this together! I won't beat any of your high scores, and you won't beat any of mine. We will band together to ensure Redleg and Redneck do not have any highscores!

War is come.

"He who stays on the defensive does not make war, he endures it"
- Field Marshal Colmar Baron von der Goltz, 1883

Prepare to endure...
hmm ill think about it.

How about this u, take frogger, brake out, the shooting games and ill take pacman, hexagon, tetris and simon says. We can duke it out over snake and swarm.

Am i missing any?

ps. is there anything wrong with the game simon says? i clicked the correct order but then i lost. its probably me, but its the third time that has happend.
That sounds good. Lemme take Simon Says too, i got 21 on that last time. You might end up with Shooting 2, I'm not so hot at it.

We'll see who's complaining at the end of the month Reneck :twisted:
Hell, I'll just take Aliens, Breakout, and PacMan at the end of the month again, you all can take them baby games. :wink:

You're goin down Redneck. :firedevi:

ps. question why do u call all the games u are not best at "baby games"?