AP world history


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Has anyone here taken AP World History and taken the AP test? if you have and have any tips on what eras the most of the questions are one or anything like that, id really appreciate it.
Hrm, that was 3 years ago and lucky lucky me, the private university I decided to finally go with didn't accept APUSH even though I got a 4 on it :evil:

I really recommend the class because the DBQ pracices make you learn how to write a lot in a very short ammount of time which is very very usefull for college tests.

As far as what to do? All I really remember was the DBQ because it was so different from the style of test writing I had done before on tests which where pretty much just 1 paragraph essays.
well ive taken APUS already and taken the APtest. i just want to know if there is anyrthing specific i should look for on the test. ya, they do change the test every year, but the focus on certain points in history are the same. what is the main time periods they focus on? Im a pretty good essay writer so thats not a problem for me. its the multiple choice part i want to improve on.
Hrm, the year I did APUSH they told us the time period that the DBQ would be covering. I don't know if it is different now or with AP World History.

As far as the multiple choice goes I didn't even study for it. Since millitary history is my #1 passion I tend to know a whole lot about history in general.
if only the whole test consisted of military history. it would be a breeze then. the class itself has been mostly political. like who ruled what where and when. thats the parts i dont like. one of the hardest things is to remember oriental and indian names. they all sound so similar.
Yeah, the college pu$$y Starbucks-intellectuals who make these tests are afraid of war and don't want to talk about it.

But I learned a lot about politics because war is always flanked before and after by lots of politics and important figures.