Anyone in Navy please read


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First off I want to say that I would like to thank all people in the armed forces of America. Okay, no to what I need to ask. If there is anyone who is reading this that has been or is in the Navy I would like to know if you are done with your B.M.R. (for those who don't know reading this it's basic military requirements) if so, if you could be gracious enough to give it to me or if you know of anywhere I can buy it or get it from. See here's the reason I need it. I joined the U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corp recently and have been in little under 4 months. This summer July 7th through July 18th I will be at Fort Stewart in Savanna Georgia going through recruit training (boot camp). My Sea Cadet unit is based in Augusta at the Navy and Marine Reserve center. For some reason which I am not fully sure of "they" which I also don't know who is stopped sending the B.M.R.s to us. I need one to study while I am away at training because the only one I have is one I read of the internet at but I need to have one for when I am away from the computer. Also I was issued a CD-ROM version of the B.M.R. and the Seaman. But, the military uses PDF which you can't read with Microsoft Word and you have to downoad something called Adobe Acrobat Reader which I only had for 30 days and now it's gone. So basically I need the B.M.R. actuall book and the Seaman actuall book. If you can help me find or you can give one of these to me it would help me tons with advancement. Thanks. Don't worry, I'm not some terrorist who wants to know military secrets because the B.M.R. and Seaman books are both public distribution so it's O.K. for civilians to read it. If you don't believe me look on the cover, I believe it's on the inside but maybe on the outside.

Here's all that "compressed", I need a B.M.R. and Seaman book. If you can help me read this.