Anyone here Airborne?


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I got my orders for jump school, 30JUN-26JUL (nothin like summer in Georgia, 5 bucks says we're gonna have heat cat 5 days up the wazoo). Anyway, got any advice for me? gettin my wings has been a dream of mine since I was a kid
The PT is a joke. Volunteer for the gig pit so you won't fall asleep. Keep anything you don't want to find walking around with someone else locked up.

Have fun, be safe, remember, you have the rest of your life to open your reserve if your primary fails ......

Feet and knees together.
What Is the PT like are airborne school along with bootcamp, so I can be somewhat prepared for it, also before I sign my enlistment papers for the army, do u have any advice for me.
In american airborne training do you guys do milling? It's basically where each recruit pairs up and fights for one minute with the other guy in a ring. There aren't many rules except that you are not allowed to defend any blows coming at you and you must show more aggression than the other guy.
airborne school is lame, if you go well, try to stay awake. There isn't any milling there, in fact if you even start talking shit to somebody you're likely to get into trouble. Just go do it and get the hell out fast.

sorry but this is a little off topic but im looking for a guy hes a medic in the 82nd his wife is a S.S. teacher he was over in Iraq and he lost a good friend over there and i was talking to him at my friends house i was just wondering how he was doing hes a lifer if any one knows a guy like that send me a message and ill give u his im to make sure