Anybody want to start an AA:SF clan?

AA:SF Clan?

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Would anyone here be interested in starting a MilForums America's Army: Special Forces clan with me? Please vote!
Hm, haven't tried that one yet.

Maybe I should download it..

Is it any fun?? :D
It can be a bit boring if you mess up in basic training and have to start over and over again.

After i was thrown into the brigg for shooting at my own mates (accidentally, of course!), I lost interest.
Yeah it's a good game once you pass basic and SF training. And you only get "thrown into the brig" if you shoot your own teammates within a few seconds of the game starting. That's to prevent teamkilling.
I voted yes, but I'm pretty new with the SF maps (Yes, I passed E and E, I took several hours working it out :x )
Yeah E&E is a pain in the ass. Took about four hours of playing total. It's worth it though for weapons mods. :rambo:

<S> Yes I would!

You got Team Speak? I am on an online Team for a different Game!
So hit me up some time and we will see what skillz you got :-) !!!