Anybody like the new americas army game


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i was wondering if any of you have picked up the new americas army game and what you happen to think of it.
I've seen it and didn't think it was near as good as Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. Enemy territory has more missions, soldier types and guns.
Haha, well America's Army is kind of limited in those respects by reality, something that isn't too great a factor in Wolfenstein.
I like the America's Army game, it's extremely realistic (as far as using a keyboard and a mouse to represent physical activity can get at least haha). It kind of sucks that only the newest computers can operate it, but I guess that's true for any new game.
Redleg the game isnt 2 bad you have to overcome the same obstacles as you did in basic training and also weapons qualifications but overall its a good game and i would give it a 8 on a 10 point scale but thats only me
Its a great game, more realistic than the Counter-Strike. Plus htey have Special Forces Training (I think you can be trained as a Special Forces Airborne Ranger). Not sure exactly .. I'm doing the last training mission right now. I've already done Airborne Training and Basic.
I got it on CD when I enlisted last week, but I can't install it, my the install freezes when it is 16% completed, oh well, I like strategy games more than Shooters, has anybody here played Full Spectrum Warrior yet? That is a pretty good game, I also liked superpower, I feel that is a good strategy game, I like to play as Brazil, become friendly with the US, take over all of South America, except Uruguay, they always get mad when I invade them, and by then I have surpassed even the US and China by power, but for some reason China always nukes the US right when I am getting ready to invade them, then everyone nukes everyone else and Game Over.
AA is awesome, but it's too hard to get advanced marksman :cry:

I passed all of basic, medical, and airborne in like 3 hours... but the marksmanship test messed me up...