Any country music listeners here?


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I loev country...then again I like almost everything except heavy metal and hip hop....

it's great the facial reactions I get...imagine an asian dude in his car blasting country music out of his car :lol: :lol:
better yet, you hear the country music, and you see him put a pinch of copenhagen in his lip... 8)
:lol: You sound a hell of a lot like one of my buddies in our program here, I converted him to country and chew, and he gets some pretty interesting reactions (especially when I took him to a rodeo :lol: ).

And I listen to both kinds of music, Country AND Western. :lol:
That's rough, rlbush, I got the same problem with my place down here at school, but I figure I'll just keep force feeding my roommates country until they convert. :lol:
I like country, also bluegrass! I like the old stuff best, George Jones, Patsy Cline, Hank 1,2 and 3. My wife, passed away in December, her favorite singer was Eddie Arnold. BTW, she was also Asian, born in Korea.