Any archery guys or gals on this forum?

Keist IV

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I am an archery lovin' guy. I am a traditionalist and use a recurve with no sights. All instinctive shooting here. Also use cedar shafts and turkey feathers. The less on the bow, the better. Just curious if there are any other archery people out there in the forums.
I do love archery.
I use a simple composite bow for hunting though. Im not to traditional with it.
I'm not bad....I've never used a compound...onyla sight-less recurve (aiming with the tip of the arrow-funfun). I shoot a 45-pound recurve bow.
Ive givin up on "traditional" forms of hunting. Just buy a AR15 and go ambush anything that moves. That includes varmints, coyotes, and beaver. :cowb:

Dont forget your gillie suit.
Don't get me wrong, I do like the lots of ammo and high rate of fire aspect of weapons too :twisted: If I want high tech, I shoot guns, but when it comes to archery, traditional is the way for me. I don't hardly notice I have a weapon in my hand, just look at the spot you want to hit, draw and release. Kind of like tossing a baseball. Light, quiet, stealthy and medieval :twisted: I guess I am a repressed Legolas :lol: