Any Anime fans here? My Message board:

I love watching anime :D
Mark if u like Trigun and Cowboy Bebop, u should watch Outlaw Star.
Top Favorites:
1. Trigun(Love and Peace) :lol:
2. Outlaw Star
3. Cowboy Bebop
4. Zoids
6. Kenshin
7. YuYuHakusho
8. DragonballZ
Feel free to join up on the board if ya like anime. And feel inclined to advertise this board to other anime fans you might know. ;) :P
My list for favoriet animes are...
2 Dbz/gt
3 FlCl
4 Cowboy bebop
5 inyuyasha
6 wolfs rain
7 Akira
8 3 X 3 eyes
9 Moble suit gundum
........ well i cant think of any other animes right now so thats my list
1, TRIGUN!! trigun kicks ass!!!
2, Cowboy Bebop
3, Wolf's rain
4, Dragonball
5, Silver Fang
6, Love Hina
7, DBZ
8, Spirited Away
9, Sailor Moon
10, -=No comment here=-

(That's kinda all I have gotten to know about, read, seen and rented over here in Sweden)