Any Airborne here????

As a cadet, you do not have a right to calling someone a "leg." Forget the term, and do not use it again until you've proven yourself in an airborne unit.

An Old Abn Trooper
IAintNoLeg said:
I just got my wings, anybody here a non-leg?

Ok "cherry" you just got your wings you have no right to call anyone a "LEG". You are still considered a "LEG" until you have conducted a jump in a real airborne unit then you might still be considered a "LEG" until you have 12 jumps on your log. I must tell you if you go to a real Airborne unit you will understand why everybody laughs at those 5 jump chumps out of airborne school. No offense intended you may be the toughest guy alive but you should refrain from calling these people "LEG's" (unless it is their name ;) ).

No offense intended,
Ex paratrooper
I did jump school in 91. As the others said, drop the "leg" term. First and formost, if you're a cadet, you've only had a small taste of what it means to be Airborne. Not knocking you, just giving some perspective.

Too many in the military go through jump school for the wings and never jump again. Does that make them any better than the guys from the 101st? If you ask me, Air Assault school is far more demanding than Basic Airborne. I'd also wager a good deal of the non-Airborne infantry are as tough, but just never had the inclination.

So, get through your cherry blast, jump with actual rucks (maybe you'll be lucky and you'll get the mortar plate), have a training mission following your jump, and then contemplate using the term.

When I was younger, I'm fairly sure I talked it up. So, you're not alone or different. Of course, jumping with your unit is humbling. You'll meet guys with more jumps than you have days in service. It's a great experience, though.
Since I have no idea what they are talking about, I'll just say congratulations for your accomplishment. Don't let it go to your head. There is nothing worse then someone who can barely hold their head up it's so big walking around, and nothing funnier then seeing that head deflate quite a few sizes when they get bombed by a vet or something... lol.[/b]
Graduated A Co this past week (23 JUL). 1st Platoon, class 503-04. And yes, drop the leg thing. Until you get more jumps under your belt, you're still a 5 jump chump (as am I...for now). Not criticism, but friendly advice.
hey Airborne Eagle, I know what you're talking about. My Platoon Sergeant while I was going through jump school this past month had 2300 jumps. Even though they weren't all static line, 2300 jumps is 2300 jumps...if my memory serves me correctly, he was a Golden Knight at one point in time or another.
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