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*Well, let me start by saying from what I've seen so far I like this site. I'm a Moderator for another site. This site setup is very similar.

*I started my short military career at Ft. Benning, GA in 1983. From there I went to Ft. Carson, CO, then on to Garlstadt, W.Germany. While in Germany I received the Army Achievement Medal, the Army Commendation Medal, and my Expert Infantry Badge. I was an Asst. Squad Leader and a qualified Dragon Gunner and Dragon Instructor. I was also, the gunner on an M2 Bradley. I ended my active service with the rank of Cpl/E-4.

*I then started in the Michigan National Guard until ETS from there in 1990 with rank of Sgt/E-5. While in this unit I was a section chief for a multi-channel radio communications van. While in the Michigan National Guard I attended PLDC at which time I became elligible for Sgt/E-5.

*I am currently working as a Corrections Officer in a county jail in my area.

*I've been married 16 yrs and have 3 sons: 15, 8, and 6.

*If you have anymore questions for me feel free to PM me.

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Welcome to the forum 11Bravo. :)

Please do not use the tag when you post anymore, IT FREAKS ME OUT... :lol:
Redleg said:
Welcome to the forum 11Bravo. :)

Please do not use the tag when you post anymore, IT FREAKS ME OUT... :lol:

Yeah I don't like it either. Welcome 11Bravo what's the summer like in Michigan man ?
Welcome to the forum, 11Bravo, nice to have another of you Infantry types around. :lol:
Congratulations on your family.
Thanks for the warm welcome gents...HOOOORAAAH!! That was for all you Infantry types...Hey redlegs sorry about the Italics. It's kind of a trademark with me...won't happen again.
Thank you to everybody for all the great welcome messages. I'm sure I'll like it here. Seems like a great bunch of members and looks like an awesome staff of Mods. Thank you ALL.
Sounds like you had an interesting career? Why did you get out of active duty? I am thinking of making a career out of it. I am not infantry, but if you have any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it. Also I have a question in intros and service question...maybe you can help me out with it. Thanks.
Well's a long story on why I didn't stay in. If wouldnt have gotten out I wouldn't have met my beautiful wife and had my 3 wonderful sons. I guess theres always a reason for everything.