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Mark Conley

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One day, while speeding in his car on munitions bridge at Langley AFB, Virginia, a doctor was speed gunned by the Local Air Policeman and stopped for a big ticket writing party. The young AP noticed that the man he stopped was a doctor, and being curious, asked the doctor what he did at the base hospital, to pass the time while he wrote the ticket.

The doctor replied that he worked mostly in the flight medicine center, although every now and then was called apon to perform his former specialty in civilian life. The AP, now curious, asked him what his specialty was. the Doctor replied that he was in charge of loosening the ****'s of people that required it. "First I would insert one finger' the doctor said. Then the other finger on the other hand. After i got both hands in, id carefully stretch the rectum in both directions until its was about six feet long".

'Six feet ? The young AP said. What do you do with a ass hole thats six feet long? he asked.

'well, you give him a radar gun and put him in the middle of a bridge" the doctor replied.

Ticket cost to the doctor: 180 dollars

look on the young AP's face: Priceless. :D
Haha, one of my buddies tried telling a CHP (California Highway Patrol) that when he got pulled over, he only got to the hand in the bum part before the Chippie figured it out and asked him if he really wanted to finish it.