Amazing game + win a GAMECUBE


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Try this great game at, then click New Warrior

Before I forget to mention it as well, you can win a GAMECUBE in a competition in this game this week.

Warriors2 - A game for you?
Warriors is a fullscale EPIC adventure, even if it looks simple in the beginning. The simpleness of the game is actually a part of the game idea! Even if you've never ever played a game before, you should be able to enjoy warriors, and even if you are a SuperGamer, you should be able to find stuff that amuses you!
Warriors2 includes both mythological parts about the gods in Valhalla, and fantasy things like orcs and dragons. In this unique combination you will be able to discover both!
The gamegoal is to become one of the Gods of Valhalla, So are you up for a challange?
This game contains the following features:
Easy to use, Warriors2 is played in your web browser, you don't have to install anything! Easy!
181 different enemies, stretching from Spiders to Dragons! The monsters in W2 has an AI that makes them smarter than in many other games.

4 Playable races, These races have have different advantages/disadvantages. When you have made it with all four races, you unlock a Special race.

12 different worlds with over 80 different locations. Amongst those places you can find Dungeons, Workshops, Stores, Joustingranges, Taverns and much more.

26 different pets. Pets are Animals, and Beasts that can fight for you. They can also help you with other things.

over 14.000 different followers. Along your adventures, you will find followers, these characters help you in battles!

over 296.000 different items. Items can be everything from a lousy Hat, to a mighty Sword with Godly magic!

195 Quests. Quests are given to you in W2 from various types of characters, from farmers to the king himself!

+ MORE . Warriors is constantly evolving so you can never know what to expect when you login tomorrow!
Sounds like an interesting game. (haven't signed up yet)

How much do you get for each new player you refer?? ;)
Thanks, I get some bonus turns for every 10 levels they make, but its a two-way thing too - if someone signs up with the referal link they will get approx. 500 more turns than if they didn`t, meaning they`ll start with ~525 turns instead of 25, which is definitely a good thing. Theres also a referal comp. running.

I`ve only gained one extra referal so far, there are some players who have 80 each that I`m trying to catch up with - so either its not working for me yet or the referal link is disappearing so people signing up aren`t counting as referals (and getting their bonus 500 turns eithers) - for it to count you got to click on New Warrior? while the referalid is still in the url.

I`ve played the game for coming up to 3 years now.
Sounds like a cool game.

Could you tell some more about it?

I may sign up and try i this week. (not time right now..)
I got this when I tryed to register.

Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server error '80040e14'

Line 1: Incorrect syntax near ')'.

/user/new_user_action.asp, line 226

Wait, I found the problem the game only works in Internet Explorer. Bleh, oh well. I'll join any way. :D

Well I was able to register (as Razor) but it allso looks like this game only works for Windows. I'm on a Mac, and I'm not gona get a Windows PC. :(
more about the game

I`m actually writing my own online wargame with a friend right now, but I can`t say anything more about it because its a work in progress - be assured I`ll post a link on here when its done though.

Heres some more about Warriors 2

Game Requirements (from front page)
System: Windows PC
Browser: Internet Explorer 5.0 or above
Cookies: Turned on
Firewall: add to your "whitelist" or whatever if you have problems

Ok heres some more about the game (copied from Beginners Guide):

This is a guide specially developed for first time players of Warriors II. The goal of the game is to become a great warrior in a world of fantasy and ultimately a God! You can choose between 4 races, human, troll, elf and dwarf. There is also a fifth race, titan, which will be available after you have finished the game with all the other races.

1. The Status Window

Located on the top left corner of the screen this window reflects the current condition of your warrior and has all the information you might need while adventuring the world of Warriors.

- The feet show how many turns you have. You use turns for nearly all ingame activities (from resting to adventuring). You will receive new turns at midnight (server time).

- Your total defense value. Used in combats against creatures. A higher defense will help you defend yourself against the enemies´ attack and therefore you will take less damage.

- Your total attack value. As with your defense the attack value is used in combats. The higher the value the better your chances are in a battle, you will do more damage more often.

- Your current health/your total health. When your current health reaches 0 your warrior will die and you won´t be able to adventure until you are resurrected. You will be resurrected and your warrior will be restored to full health every day at midnight (server time).
- This is your current level. The green bar to the right shows you how close you are to the next level. You gain a new level after you reach a certain amount of experience.

- Your point pool. Every time you reach a new level you will gain a certain number of points in your point pool. You can then use them to improve your basic skills (strength, intelligence, dexterity, charisma, find and life).

- Your money. You find gold on adventures and sometimes after a hard battle. With gold you will be able to buy new equipment and to upgrade the items you already have.

- These These are your followers and to the right of () you can see their average strength. Followers help you in battle attacking your enemies and blocking dangerous blows.
- Your karma indicates if you are good or evil. This value changes depending on your actions and it will be of import later on in the game. You can always change status of course. If you are good and want to become evil just do evil deeds.

2. Warrior Skills
You can check out your warrior´s basic skills and equipment if you select "Personal Profile" from the "Community" menu (left side of the game screen).

The basic skills of your warrior are what determines how strong he/she is and they are one of the most important things affecting him/her. To improve them you can :

Spend some of your PP (pool points)

Buy or find better items (items might also decrease your skills)

pend the night in inns

Your basic skills are the following :

Strength: The higher it is better your attack value is also. Which makes you fight better, kill your enemies faster and live longer.

Intelligence: Effects your ability to rob people and disarm traps in dungeons. It also plays a small role on your attack and defense values.

Dexterity: Effects your defence value, making you harder to hit in battle and so take less damage in long battles allowing you to survive for more time.

Charisma: Changes the impression people get of you. The higher it is the more people will like you and will help you out by selling you items cheaper and charging less for item upgrades.

Find item: Find is probably the most important attribute after life. It helps you find your way if you ever get lost while adventuring and also increases your chances of finding good items and treasures.

Life: Your life total. The higher it is the better. You will want a lot of health when you fight large groups of monsters or even some of the strongest single creatures in the world.

The secondary skills of your warrior are not as important as the previous ones but they can also affect how well your warrior will do in the world :

Jousting Skill: Used in jousting matches against other warriors, this skill can only be improved by practicing.

Archery Skill: Used in the weekly archery tournaments and in some combats. It determines how good you are with a bow. Some items boost this skill and you can also train your archery skill at archery ranges.

3. Playing the game

When you start the game you are a level 1 peasant in Gorgon, a small country village. If you look at the Status window you will see that you are still quite weak and that you have 10PP available to spend. The first thing to do is to spend them!

Ater you have spent the points (see 2. Warrior Skills to learn how to) it´s time to explore this fantastic new world. In the game menu you should see the different shops you know in the village. Click on each of them to find out what each one is for.

If you haven´t yet, you might want to visit the armorer to buy some items to help you in your adventures. You dont have much gold and the items are expensive so choose carefully. Also, if you spent some of your PP in health you might want to go to The Broken Sword Inn and rest a few turns to refill your health.

Now you are ready to adventure! Click on the "Adventure" link on the menu. It´s as simple as that! Sooner or later you will find some items you can take or enemies you can fight. And slowly your experience will increase until you level up and receive PP to spend, just as in a regular roleplaying game.

While adventuring you might also discover paths out of the village. To move out of the village just press the "Travel" link (above the "Adventure" link in the menu) and a map showing the locations will appear. The ones you know are shown in color. If none appear in color then you haven´t found any yet and must keep trying. Be aware that the further away from the village you travel the stronger and more dangerous the monsters will be.

4. Further Help

If after reading this Beginners´ Help you still have any doubts or questions you might post them in the forums where the other players will read them and answer them.
Check the Game Help forum for questions about how to play and the P2P Questions forum for information about the Pay2Play model. Both of these forums can be found in the Community window (click "Community.." in the game menu) under the "Forums" tab.

Good luck! / Gustavo, Forum moderator