Alphabetical Sorting Links


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I was just browsing through the quotes on the site alphabetically, and I think it might make it easier to navigate if there were links to all the letters on each page of quotes, rather than having to go back from each page to the index. Just a suggestion, don't know if it would be too difficult to implement or not.
I'm planning to adjust the navigation on the site a bit, and it is possible to add links to all of the letters on each page.

But the problem is that searchengines doesn't like pages with too many links on them. Google doesn't want more than 100 pr. page.
I have to count the links first, but it's possible that I'll add links to all the letters.
BEtter now?? :D

I have added navigation bars to the quotes and jokes/humor section.

Shat do you think?
That rocks!!! I especially like the links to the pages of people with lots of quotes for that letter. Thank you very much for listening and trying to incorporate suggestions!!