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Im sure there has been a post made about it but i owuld like to know how many people play or have played airsoft? If there is a post that has been made already sorry, you can go ahead and close this post.
I play airsoft. I'm only 14, but I still play. I also play paintball.

Airsoft gun- HFC XM177. It's an okay gun, I was going to buy a Benelli Shotgun, but I bought something else :p
sweet! I have a TM m16 vn and soon to buy a TM sr-16. I also have the 1911 .45 springer. They all do the job. A teammate of mine has the xm-177 but its a TM not HFC.
assuming those are both electric? It would be nice to have an electric, but my friends and I just like to play 3v3's and stuff. No need to spend couple hundred $ on one since we don't play competitively ;) .

Oh and I want to get the TM Colt 45. :lol:
ya sorry i didnt specify that they were electric. A couple weeks ago we had an OP down in rochester, Minnesota, I believe it lasted around 6 or 7 hours. It was a blast. Ya the TM colt 45 is nice, even though i dont carry it with me when I play, i just like to shoot it around in my backyard and so forth.