aircraft carriers and fa18's


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Later on in life I plan on joining the Navy as a pilot, or becoming one someday. What is it like to fly a F-A-18? And further more what is it like to live on an aircraft carrier. I have taken a tour of the U.S.S. Ronald Reagon while it has been at port but what is it like to be out at see and all that stuff?
I was never a pilot, but I've been on a few carriers, life on a carrier is pretty good, and yet, at the same time there is never a dull moment, the berthing conmaptments for squadron personnel can hold 150+ people at one time with about 3 square feet of personal space, foods pretty good, you can get eggs any way you want them, lots of fire drills, man overboard drills, general quarters drills, and such, plus theres sometimes lots of the real things, the worst thing about living on a carrier is the possibility of a plane crashing on the flight deck or a flight deck fire.
Other than thatr when you hit a foreign port for liberty, you anchor about 2-3 miles out from the piers and ride small boats to shore

!!WARNING!! >>> Never ride a liberty boat back to the carrier after one beer too many. And always go to the head BEFORE you get on the liberty boat :)