Airbus A400M Atlas Luftwaffe Flypast and Landing at Penzing AirBase


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[ame=""]Airbus A400M Atlas Luftwaffe 54+06 Flypast and Landing at Penzing AirBase German Air Force - YouTube[/ame]
It is a pity about the price of that thing as it would be ideal for our airforce, big enough to carry both the NH-90s and the NZ-LAV's.

Sadly I suspect we will end up with secondhand C-130J's which caan't carry either vehicle.
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I have been to a couple of RNZAF demonstrations of the A400 and climbed all over an RAF one that was out here, it is an impressive aircraft, the problem is that new they are $230 million compared with $130 million for the C-130J.

The good news is that apparently both Germany and Spain over purchased on them and could provide ours from their excess stock at a cheaper rate but I havent seen any actual numbers on that.

The alternative is secondhand C-17 Globemasters but I don't understand the logic in buying an aircraft they no longer produce.
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In my day in the RAF cargo transports were C130's fixed wing and Westland Wessex and Whirlwind and Bristol Belvedere rotary wing. The Malays called the Belvedere the flying long house, aircrews called them something different altogether.