Airborne School


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I am a female ROTC cadet and I am headed to Airborne School and was just looking for any tips or information on what it is going to be like. I have never experienced an Army School before and was just looking for some info. Also if there is anyone who has attended after SEPT 2003 How does this new flexed Arm Hang thing work? Thanks for your time!
I'm in ROTC too (MSII), ABN date 30JUN to 26JUL. One piece of advice that everyone gave me: FEET AND KNEES TOGETHER, ALWAYS. Do not reach for the ground.

The flexed arm hang: You do a chin up, keep your legs straight. keep your chin above the bar for 10 seconds. you cannot kick or any other sort of method to keep your chin from touching the bar except to keep your arms in the flexed position.