Airborne School


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A friend of mine just came back from West Point on leave, and I was asking him about the Airborne School at Ft. Benning. I told him that I had planned on bucking for Airborne when I joined the Army, and hoped to get a permanent position in the 82nd. He told me that lately the Army has been trying to push everyone they can through BAS and it's almost become kindof a joke in the Army community. Is there any truth to this? If so, I'm kindof dissapointed that such a great resource to the US Army has become a rush job.
not really

i went to Airborne School in 1999, but I was in an airborne unit, so people came in from Airborne School all the time. Its not a joke. They did experiment with a 2-week course but I don't think that worked out so its back to 3-weeks.

if you don't mind North Carolina, go for it. You'll be in the best units, just know your chances of leaving Fort Bragg are slim as their are few Airborne units/positions elsewhere in the Army.
It's called BAC for a reason, it's basic. You're there to learn how to jump out of planes, that's it. Once you get to your unit, it becomes your job, as well as an asset. That is, unless you become a five jump chump and head to a leg unit after.