Airborne Ranger School


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Im Definatly Going Army prior to Graduation this comming year, I havent signed up for anything yet becuase of this whole DUI thing, but anyhow (that being in the past :( ) After boot camp for infantry, the Recruiter said he could get me Airborne in route and ranger School in route, im definatly all about going to Ranger School and i know the basics of what the schooling is like, (same with Airborne school) but can someone give me a little bit more detail about each phase of this schooling (georgia faze, mountain faze, and Florida faze) and what all exactaully happens in here, and waht about swimming, exactually how much swimming will i be doing, im not exactaully a class a swimmer but i guess i can practice and i have alotta time, ive been training this whole summer so far (following this Army ranger workout by Stewert Smith) its a great workout and has 500m swims almost every week at least once (currently I can only swim about 50m without stopping), is that what ill be swimming during Ranger sChool? and i think im gonna intensify my workout a little more after my workout is done (im amost finished with week 5 of a 6week workout) can anyone help me with what i shuold be focusing on while training to give me the edge on my schooling?
by the way, just to discribe myself im a rather small 5'6 about 140lbs but with 10% or less body fat, very lean and muscular and i have a Fairly quick respiratory recovery rate is my stature going to be a disadvantage for me?? also, im in Cross Country (track) this year, so running will come pretty easily but right now im only running about 5-6miles a day
Oh any by the way, my workout is 6days a week (sunday off) doing approxx 500 pushups in varaitions (wide,reg,and Tricep) doing 500+situp or other ab workouts (crunches or flutterkicks, or leg levers) pullups i max out at about 15 right now (with proper form, dead hang, pull up above bar to a motionless hang, drop back down to motionless hang..ect) and i hit the heavy bag for about an hour every day, abuot every other day i do squats, weight lifting, amoung other exercised demanded in the program im on. as for swimming, soon im going to go to the YMCA at leat 3times a week and practice swimming; right now like i said i can only swim about 50m nonstop, but i have plenty of time to work on that, and practice dropping off a 3m diving board blind folded ... i run regularly 6miles approx a day sprinting a mile in 1/8 intrivals every other day, but i think im gona up this program some more next time around.... anny suggestions
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I'm not saying it's impossible, but you should really consider bulking up.

In Ranger school, you'll have 80-100 lbs on your back...daily...for weeks on end.
so you think Rucking would be a good idea to start doing now? Ive Done it a few times, 40lbs 5miles uphills in decent time ( i cant remember exactually how long)... and 40lbs 10miles a few times.... but i think i need to get me some better equiptment, i just used a reg. school backpack and put a pillow in it and 4, 10lb weights, but it was killer on my back becuase i had to balance the weight becuase i iddnt have proper support becuase of jsut the two back straps and not a "harness"... you think a harness type backpack would be better? or does my setup seem sufficent for the task at hand? and as far as bulking up, you have any suggestions? more weight lifting??? such as core exersices?? or how should i go about doing this? suppliments?
You're going Ranger school straight out of Jump school? Most enlisted go Ranger Indoctrination Program, I'm surprised you got Ranger school straight out like that.
You're confusing Ranger School with the opportunity to attend RIP, as Pogue said. Two completely different things. Option 40 (Ranger) contract will give you the chance to actually become a Ranger. If you pass RIP, you'll be assigned to one of the three Ranger battalions who will send you to Ranger school later, but not right away.

Make sure you talk more with your recruiter before you sign any contract.