Do you beleive that these allegations are true, and that there are women in the military are being r

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WICHITA FALLS - The Air Force is sending an official to Sheppard AFB to investigate about 2 dozen reported rapes of military women in the past year.
Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchinson, R-Texas, sent a letter to AF Security James G. Roche calling for the investigation "with emphasis on how commanders concluded each of these cases to the satisfaction of both the AF and the alleged victims."
In fiscal year 2002-03, from 20 to 25 Sheppard base women reported being raped, according to First Step, a civilian rape-crisis center in Wichita Falls.

This story is one that i obtained from a newspaper clipping from my local newspaper.

I would like to hear peoples opinions on this topic.
You cannot really pass judgement on something like that without KNOWING the facts of the cases.
I do not understand your question about what our "opinions" are on this subject. Are you asking if we believe that women are being raped or if we support the investigation or is it something else?
i was just looking for opinions on the subject. either it being if you believe that women are being raped or if you support the investigation. either one. i am just looking for a voice on the topic
Yes and yes, based on the limited information you have provided, but I do not have the ability to take an informed position on these subjects with only a short paragraph explaining the case.

Guide my mind, what exactly do you want to discuss? Let me know and I'll discuss the hell out of it. :lol: