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Im a female turning 17 in about a month and somehow i already know what i want to do with my life, thanks to my WONDERFUL AFJROTC instructors, and thats to join the United States Air Force and thats just point blank settled.But i have many questions, so here's where im starting.Seeing as how i need to get ideas on colleges before entering the Air Force i have considered many options, but the one I would most rather attend than any other college is the Air Force Academy in Colorado, solly to better prepare me for expectations of the Air Force and turn me from a cadet into an airman, as well as educate me. So, does anyone know how hard it is to actually be accepted into this academy? Because if an acceptance is beyond my reach I'd be better off searching for a college with a VERY good AFROTC with training that i need. Thank You so much.
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For Admission to the Air Force Academy, candidates must first be nominated for appointment by a U.S. Congressman, Senator, or the Vice President of the United States. Other nomination paths available to aspiring candidates are available; the Air Force Academy will offer instructions to promising individuals to guide them through the nomination process. The Academy is extremely selective, and it is recommended to start academic and physical preparation as early as junior high school. Additionally, the Academy requires the following high school curriculum:

Here's where to apply

Admission center of the Academy
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excuse me i spelled the subject wrong, it'S Air Force Academy.
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Thank you so much for the website i have already applied online, but it gave much more insight on preparation, selection, and eligibilities. I am most grateful.

as well thank you for the welcome. :)