AgustaWestland Unveils The TUHP 149 Helicopter To Meet The Turkish Utility Helicopter


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AgustaWestland Unveils The TUHP 149 Helicopter To Meet The Turkish Utility Helicopter Programme
AgustaWestland, a Finmeccanica company, unveiled a full scale mock-up of the TUHP 149 helicopter at IDEF 2009 in Istanbul today. The TUHP 149 is the AgustaWestland candidate for the Turkish Utility Helicopter Programme (TUHP). It is a new generation 8.1 ton medium lift multi-role helicopter designed to meet the military requirements of Turkish end users. The TUHP 149 maximizes the involvement of TAI and additional leading Turkish aerospace and defence companies, including ASELSAN, TEI, ROKETSAN, HAVELSAN, building on the strategic partnership already set up by AgustaWestland and Turkish industries through the ATAK programme.


The TUHP 149 features a wide, constant cross section and unobstructed cabin with large sliding doors. The cabin can be easily reconfigured to meet different operational requirements with the capability to transport up to 18 equipped troops. The leading edge technology, open architecture digital avionics and integrated mission and weapon systems allow the aircraft to undertake a wide range of missions. The high performance twin engine helicopter is designed for operations in all environments day and night. The aircraft can be configured to carry a wide range of weapons, including rocket launchers, air-to-surface and machine-guns as well as external auxiliary tanks in a variety of combinations. Pintle mounted machine-guns can also be fitted on fixed frame windows or in the doors. Structural provisions for the installation of an external cargo hook, heavy duty rescue hoist and a wide range of other mission equipment are provided.


The TUHP 149, due to its modular design for rapid role re-configuration, is perfectly suited to perform an impressive range of duties including troop transport, battlefield and logistic operations, fire support, SAR and combat SAR, special forces operations, reconnaissance, surveillance, CASEVAC, command control and communication, external load lifting as well as VIP military transport. The new technology TUHP 149 has been designed from the outset with low support and maintenance requirements to minimize the operating costs and the through life ownership costs. A range of support and training services packages will be available to provide cost effective through life support to meet customer’s requirements. A full “Level D” flight simulator is also envisaged.

Looks like a nice aircraft.
It's great how everything's going modular now. Probably the biggest change since the interchangeable parts made trading parts between rifles possible. That and caliber consistency.
Very nice chopper, thanks for sharing Rock. Saw some other pictures on another forum. Great specs and definitely a good looker too. Caught everyone by surprise. This will likely become Turkey's own (cheaper) "NH90" with TAI as the prime contractor.
I thought AgustaWestland was a part of the NH-90 program already? Why produce two similar platforms?
Because it makes sense when the customer is Turkey. The minimum requirement is for 100 (possibly more) helicopters. Production line will likely be in Eskisehir (TAI), which means AW facilities will be free to produce parts and structures for the NH90. Considering the numbers required, Turkey wouldn't be willing to pay big $ for NH90. So, TUHP 149 becomes a very good mutually satisfying solution.