Age? OCS?

Sgt. Nick Fury

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Because of personal obligations to my fiance, I really doubt I can join the military and be fair to her. That would being 31 effect my possibilities for enlistment in the different branches. Especially the Marines? I also have a degree....(not that it's been very useful to me) So I am curious about how my age etc would effect OCS......

(added note....I am gauranteed to be put in a pork chop squad if I did enlist, I work out regularly in martial arts....but my cardio sucks, and I deffinately got a belly now.)
well the info from the air force side of it:

Non-prior service applicants must be at least 17 to apply and in Basic Military Training before their 28th birthday.

Officer Training School (OTS) applicants must be at least 17 to apply and commissioned before their 35th birthday.

Physician, Nurse and Allied Health applicants need to contact a recruiter, as the age criteria may vary by profession.

Note: Prior service applicants should contact their local recruiter for age cut-offs.
Really Age 35? Any idea on requirements from other branches as far as age? Also age requirements on national gaurd? I have to admit not to sound like a wimp but I also worry about my age and basic. Now I feel like I can throw down with any 18-20 yr old on some things. But like everyone who has past the 30 mark. My knees have seen one to many mile, and my feet hurt more then they used to when i get up (mainly from martial arts). I really do worry about the PT.