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I am entertaining a job offer from a civilian company and wanted to get everyones opinion. My commander is going to give me an early out so I don't have to worry about that. The job is over in Iraq on some sort of security detail. It is supposed to be a one year contract and the pay is outrageous, one year over there will give my about four or five years worth of military pay. Of course it could be dangerous but I will be over there in one capacity or another before to long. So I guess I am just wandering how many people would take the oppurtunity.
Not sure what company/organisation is offering the job, but do your homework on them. Even with the big guys, each one has their strengths and weaknesses so make sure you know what you are getting in to. The money might be nice, but it isn't worth your life if you are not going to be along side professionals. Other than that, do what feels best for you. It doesn't matter what others would do .. if you feel like this is a good opportunity and you're ready, go for it. If not, don't worry, these jobs will still be around offering the same mission structures with the same pay in the same type (if not the same) of hell hole years from now.
"one year over there will give my about four or five years worth of military pay. Of course it could be dangerous but I will be over there in one capacity or another before to long."

What are you waiting for? 8)
Is that "security job" somekind of mercenary job? Heard those have paid well but its better to avoid to get captured by the unpleased clients. Mercenary's life is cheap.
I personally would seek a job at an intelligence agency of sorts. Depends on whether or not I'm looking to have a family or not on what kind of job I'd look for. I think to take an all out espionage line of work with a family would just be reckless.
Personally, I wouldn't do it - but I'm not you!
Don't be blinded by the money - there's usually a catch ;) Look at the pros and cons and base your decision on facts! For instance, find out what insurance coverage you'll be getting.

As RndrSafe said; do your homework on them!

Good luck with your decision!
IMO hell no I wouldnt take it. Reasons:

1. Have you trained with these people?,

2. Can you trust them to stick by you?,

3. Do you know their SOPs?,

4. What is the CASEVAC plan?,

5. Will you be allowed home?,

6. What happens if you get your leg blown off will you be able to resume your current job?,

7. Do they supply the weapons and ammo?,

8. Do they provide accommodation?,

9. Do they provide your food?,

10. When and how will you get paid?,

11. The people that you will work with are they to there for the money? eg: will they have a bond with you that can only be found in a unit that has trained together for a long time?.

These would be some of the questions I would be asking and then make your choice but choose carefully. If it just to get ahead then I would save a bit harder and not go. Like you said you will most likely get over there anyway and with people you can trust.
We had the same offer here to. It was in the national news paper for a 1/4 millon euros for years work. All tax free.

How much is your life worth risking?

Then you know your answer. Then anything could happen at home.

Life is a gamble
Those "mercenary" type jobs are pretty risky. Like everyone is suggesting, look into it and know what you're getting into. A year is a hell of a lot longer if you're spending everyday with your life on the line. I've always seen those companies as a bit sketchy sometimes. I question whether they make the situation better or worst by making what they do a business.
It depends on what they're doing really. They can make the situation better... but it really depends on the quality and commitment of the company.
if your happy

I suppose if you already know what the risk is and that you have satisifactory life insurance or cover incase the "worst" happens and that you ok with it then I don't see why you shouldn't do it!

If you have a family etc then I wouldn't do it but if your single and nothing to attach you to this life if you never come back then do it