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Hi everyone. I haven't been here in a few weeks...but alot has been going on. The school year is winding down and I'll be graduating soon. I'll be leaving for (Navy) RTC soon and I'm scared sh*tless! It's so many different things. I hear that bootcamp is a joke many people who come back and speak at DEP meetings all say that. But I just don't believe and I won't until I'm there myself. I'm real scared that I'm not going to do as well as I know I can. And I do know I'll do great, but there's just that small twinge that I won't. I know it has to do with self-confidence and that's why I wrote. Does anyone have any advice for me before I leave? I ship out in two months...which in reality...feels like it's forever away, but it's really not. It might as well be tomorrow because that's how fast the day will come. I'm looking for advice from any and everyone who has something that might make me feel more confident and ready. Something is better than nothing! Thanks everyone!
Well I think the others right now are feeling the same. Actually, part of them are feeling like they're gonna touch the sky, they're planning on becoming the bosses and stuff. Which is precisely what will cause them being rejected or similar. You feel the right way about it, and you'll do supergood Christine.