ACU - Uniform replacing BDU.

Should the US Army replace the BDU with the ACU?

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This is a picture of the new ACU (Army Combat Uniform) that is to be issued to all US troops. I would like your opinon on them.
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This is the BDU (Battle Dress Uniform) currently in use in the United States and many other countries around the world.
I believe that the pattern works for the desert, but I've yet to see how the damn grey and white blends in with wooded areas. I've expreimented with a pair of pants. I just don't see it. Now the actual cut of the uniform is great. And it's only being issued to US Army forces. Not all US Armed Forces. The US Marines have their MARPAT, US Coast guard Blue BDUs, and the US Navy and US Air Force have Woodland and Three Tone Desert BDUs.
I'm a big fan of MARPAT, it's the cammo I use in 24 hour, 500 acre+ paintball scenario games.

Works great in the Texoma area terrain.
I'm not a big fan of the ACU's looks, but keep in mind that the functionality is way better than the BDU's (mandarin collars are great with the IBA, pockets are more easily accessible with LBE, more easily laundered in a standard washer/dryer), and that it was designed with a lot of soldiers' input.
The ACU isnt that bad, except for the color. My unit got them a few weeks ago and the only other bad thing I've found is that they are a bit hot, compared to the BDU.
I heard that the velcro causes lots of gravel to be stuck in it. Any comments?
About the colour, the uniform is suited to use in tundra, not Jungles and rain forests like those in tropical countries, therefore the uniform is light in color.
I myself have a set of MARPAT that I love, I am currently trying to get ACU's.

My father has to buy two sets before April. I like them, work in all enviormnets.
I think that the functionality is way better than the BDU's , also the digital pattern is better. But.......................... how can anybody think that grey and white in the mix with a light brown can be a good camouflage in the woods or any other terrain on earth exept in a quarry??????????????
I have seen pictures of it in the desert and its even in the desert not a good camouflage!!!


A friend of mine is now in Iraq :salute2: , and when he was issued with the new ACU he was not very happy about the color!!!
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