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Check out this website. As far as i can gather, they are a group that goes out and crashes anti-war protests.
There's no link there, brother. Are you talking about the group "Protest the Protest?" They've got some pretty good ideas (i.e. "Shut the ---- Up, We'll Defend Civilization" or words to that effect).

To protest for the secruity of our country or the freedom for the Iraqi people as opposed to just wanting to extract some "revenge" if you will against Saddam or the Arabs in general.
Well I'm not big on ANY protestors, yelling at people to get them to change the way they think is the wrong answer, but I would rather have these guys than a bunch of hippies rolling around, I'm guessing they don't smell as bad. :lol:
I'm more for the personal one-on-one method of argument, protestors in general seem to think that it is possible to change someone's core beliefs with a few catchy slogans (which I agree with in this case, but if I didn't they wouldn't change my mind) and the use of mob peer pressure, it's just not dignified, and I sure as shooting am not going to let a bunch of people with no self-respect affect my opinions, let alone my beliefs.

This is only for the vast majority of protestors, I'm sure there are some out their who conduct themselves in a dignified manner, but I have yet to see any. Granted, due to my upbringing, I have only run across any protestors at all since I came to college.
Wait, Are these guys against the war??? or for??? cause some of the poasters seem like there for the war and some seem like they are against....?? lol im confused
Yea, I would get the shirt that says "End discrimination, kill all white males" but I'm scared someone won't realize its sarcasm and think I'm serious.