A very serious question...


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I have recently found a few health problems and spoke with my doctor about them. First of all, i have poor circulation. Apparently i can get cold extremely easy and would never survive any type of arctic (Ranger) training. I live in Wisconsin... i get cold at times, like everyone else but the only difference is that my hands turn purple. Very pure purple.

We also talked about a swollen Lymphnode in my neck. My father has CLL (Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia) and thankfully, i do not, but it still may be cancerous. I'm pretty sure both of these would disqualify me... Does anyone know for sure.

PS: I also have corrected vision, does anyone know if that will interfere in RIP?
If you are in the military now, which from your profile you are, these are pretty good questions for your career counselor. They seem like pretty big medical conditions to me.