a special pearl for u guys to laugh at :D


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hehe... since its x-mas i thought that i would give u all a good laugh... so... wait no more :P

Say, how good is your American history?
Taken from the Yasukuni War History Museum in Tokyo. I went through with one of my friends, and we had to laugh at just how slanted the whole thing was. Laugh, or cry over the absurdity. According to the text in the museum, the Japanese "expanded their defensive concerns" into Korea, helped "establish order and control" in China, and then were "forced into war" by the war-hungry American government. That whole Axis power thing is barely mentioned, and forget about trying to find anything that would portray the Japanese as something other than a peaceful people minding their own business in the Pacific. I mean, every country puts their own slant on history (while I learned that the American Revolution was a great act of freedom, I'm sure in Britain it's regarded as "those ungrateful little punks starting :cens:"), but the level of denial and disregard here was just outstanding.
This is actually why a lot of people are still really upset at Japan.
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believe me, some japanese still think they did the right thing by slaughtering milions through out the eastern asia and starting an unlawful war

these people seem to be really brainwashed since they haven't changed any thing in their history books with respects to WW II and their government hasnt said an apology to the victims of the war yet!