A Span Of 51 Years


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A picture taken 51 years ago of me passing out as a Paratrooper, the picture was copied from one in a museum


A picture taken this weekend of the people that I served with 51 years ago
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Must have been nice to see everyone again in the same place, shame there are more people in the first photo.:salute:
Very nice, sir. Reunions like that are always nice. I try to attend all of the Pararescue Assoc. reunions as well as any of the WWII/Korean war ones I can attend. It's always a pleasure to listen to the stories and watch the old heroes talk about old times.
Every now and then, I see a familiar face and think to myself, "say, that's that guy from..." Then it dawns on me that the person I'm looking at is the way the other guy looked thirty years ago.
Nice pics LeEnfield. I think it's great that you folks can get together for such reunions. I know the ones I go to are fraught with mixed emotions. It's great to see old comrades but each reunion is laden with the news of those who have preceded us to the their eternal reward. I salute you all. :salute:
Our get togethers have become quite well known and we have a number of well known sponsors. Even Maggie Thatcher sent us an autographed bottle of Scotch from the the cellars of the House Lords to be auction off to help cover costs of the get together, and after drinking the bar dry we even got a rebate from the hotel.

If any one is curious in the colour picture I am the one on left in a red coat that is kneeling down. [This picture enlarges well if downloaded] on the other on I am in back row and if you count in from the right hand side then Number six is the the man, well an eighteen year old any way.
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