A question about enlisting.....


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Me and my boyfriend intend on enlisting next year. And I was talking to an Air Force recruiter about it and he asked if we had any kids. I don't but my boyfriend does. Does it really make a difference if he had a son or not? They have split custody and his son is currently living with his mother and has been since he was born. Would this affect his ability to join? Thank you so much.
I think you went to the right branch. The Air Force is probably the best branch to raise a family under. (This is all heresay, I may be wrong)

His process shouldn't be impeded too much by his son. As long as he sticks to the Air Force, I think it'll all be fine.
There should not be a problem since your boyfriend's son is living with his mom. When a military couple has kids, a plan needs to be set up so that incase both parents are deployed, the child can live with someone else. THe army calls it the family care plan. I am sure the air force has the same program.
That is correct. Having a dependant prior to enlisting is not a detriment, as long as there is a person assigned by plan to care for the dependant.

They use to get sticky about this 20 years ago. But the more and more they are running into single parent families, the less they objected to these parents enlisting.