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Greetings to all.

It has actually been asked from me to introduce myself and, indeed it is something I should have done beforehand.

So: I'm 27, have a degree in Physics and currently preparing to serve the Greek Army (I'm actually leaving tomorrow :) .

My interests: Motorcycling in general and motorcycle road racing ( :twisted: ), music (I can play the bass guitar), miniatures wargaming. I mostly play 6mm contemporary tank battles but I also like sci-fi for which I have some 28mm miniatures. I have written my own set of skirmish rules, you can access them at:


My interests in military matters began when I was about 12 when I started reading military aviation magazines. This soon spread over to other aspects of warfare while at the same time I begun being interested in military history. I took exams to enter my country's military academy but I wasn't accepted as my weight was extremely low (56 kg's at the time). At some point after I had studied some military history I started realizing that war is not an adventure (as I thought before) but a tragedy. This changed my views on political and military matters a lot and today my interest in military matters lies mostly as of a traditional aspect of myself. I'm still heavily interested in mil. history and politics though...

I've been posting for only about a week so most of you don't know me or haven't got a clear idea about me yet but I'll have say goodbye to you all as from the day after tomorrow I'll be wearing camouflage and holding an 7.62mm G3...
Thanks for the intro post! :)

What are you going to do in the Army?
I'm going to be in the Infantry. Not exactly sure about what my specialty will be. Perhaps I'll become a sarge :). I'm leaving in exactly 4h and 30mins. I'll post up anything of interest about the greek Army (well, if there IS something interesting for that matter) once I am able to.

So long!
Welcome. Never be disappointed with being in the Army. I still have contact with friends from my service 40 years ago.