A great winter day here in Norway...


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I've just got back from a great ski trip now.

-1C (+5C in the sun), and great skiing conditions (cross country)... 8)

I hope to go snowboarding tomorrow, if the weather is as great as it has been today.
I've been snowboarding for several years now, but due to some strange weather conditions last year I wasn't able to go snowboarding more than a few times.. :?

Anyone else here interested in winter sports in some way??
Yes Sir! Skiing is my life (as much as possible) during the winter months. I live in a valley in the Northern Sierras that sits at 5000 feet above sea level, so the mountains around us sometimes have snow year-round (I know that won't be impressive to you Redleg :lol: ). I haven't paid for a lift ticket more than three times in two years, my buddies and I do all backcountry, which also helps keep us in shape, spending four or five hours climbing a peak and half an hour skiing down. :lol: If I can figure out the internet long enough to do this, I will post some pictures from a couple of our trips.

I love skiing.
At home here I can put on my skiis right outside my front door, and go straight into the forrest..

And you're right, I'm not very impressed by the mountain and snow thing..
Been there, done that, got the scars.. :wink:
I Ski as much as I can, but the appelachians aren't that great. Man its like 55F her in Maryland, Im about ready to go out a play some tennis :D
I wanna ski in powder snow.. Though I have only skiid once in my life before..

But I prefer snowriding.. 8)

But yeah, the day wil come where I can master skiing in slalom downhill and not just in the downhil made for kids. :?