I'll join you in that one.
(one day late though.......)

Luckily it seems that 9/11 passed without any new terrorist actions.
Have you heard of anything happening in the world?
No, although bin laden did one of his little messages the other day, i honestly think these terrorists are getting the message that 1)Its gonna be hard to pull off and 2) They might as well already be dead
No, although bin laden did one of his little messages the other day, i honestly think these terrorists are getting the message that 1)Its gonna be hard to pull off and 2) They might as well already be dead
i know i'm late but sorry

I'm like half a year late................

Thoughts still go out to the poor people lost or people who lost friends, loved ones etc.

I was sitting in a pub in tromso, norway. My ship ran aground on the 9th sept when it happened.

As far as I know it was empty threats being made, but threats pointed towards british military bases being hit. Esp the big naval dockyards, take them out the military is buggered. But all in all nothing happened, thank god
That's okay, Anya. Any day is a good one to remember 9/11.

I have a deeply personal recollection of that day. The love of my life was due to be on the flight out of Logan Airport. I was at work when the planes hit. And as the information came in on the flight numbers I was struck numb. Just in a complete daze. She had been on her way out West to visit her sister and I thought I would never see her again. Not knowing what else to do I stayed at work and went about my job like a zombie. Friends urged me to go home, but in doing something I was keeping myself from focusing at least a little bit from the pain. Four of the longest hours of my life ticked by and then I got the phone call. She was alive! She had gotten stuck in traffic and missed her flight. While waiting for the next flight word came in of the plane crashes and all of Logon went on lock down. It had taken the four hours before she could get to a phone and get through as all the lines were jammed. I took the news like a man who just found out he had been released from the world's crulest prison. I went outside, sat on a bench and unabashedly cried my eyes out with the wave of relief and joy. I know what those families who lost loved ones feel because for four hours I was one of them. For me the nightmare ended, but for them it still goes on. This June I will wed my love and our life will continue in the joy we have so far shared together, but I will never forget those four hours.

Ya poor fella................i know it must of been horride but the relief (before leaping at her throat) to know she is fine.............

I was in tromso, norway..........and about 3pm i called home to my mum in uk, she was going frantic..........screeching about how i'll be sent out etc.....then i had to calmly shout at her that my ship had runa ground and we were going no where for a month lol Anyways i got off phone and with a few mates made way to a pub..............seriously every where in tromso had plasma screens replying all the action and news, we sat there stunned, even cried, 6 constant hours we spent in that pub shocked!!

The town was quiet for the night, no clubbing every one just in shock i can remember it. Then it dawned on me that we were in a military dockyard so our security was going sky high...............means less nights out and more duties grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.......................

Still my heart goes out to every1 one that xxxx
It is a day I will NEVER forget and Will always REMEMBER!!

At this time I was working in Family Business doing office
work. I ended up being sick that day with Flu so soon
after I arrived at Work My Bro sent me Home.

About 2 hrs later I get this call it was my Bro.....He was always
one to play jokes and pranks.....The First thing out of HIS
mouth was we are being attacked. Terriost plains just flew
into NYC WTC. I was Upset told him this wasn't funny joke
and IT was SICK to tell someone that. He said NO it is NO JOKE
turn on TV so I did I sat there in total SHOCK I could NOT Believe
what I was seeing.

It was also my Dad's Birthday that day all celebrations were PUT

I still remember it like it was yesterday!!

I wrote a Poem for that day...will share it.

Memories 9/11

Twin Towers, Pentagon,
One plane brought down.
Terrorist plan suicide mission;
Smoke, Fire flying high.

Lives were lost and taken,
Tears were Shed, Sorrow we had.
Mission of terrorist was to bring us down,
United we all became.

Run and hide you have,
We will find you!!
We will bring you down!!
One by one you will fall.

Your mission has failed,
Ours won’t!
We stand together as one,
Brought down you will be!

Tears we have shed,
Sorrow we have had.
Stronger we have become,
United we all our.

The Red, white, and blue fly’s,
The Eagle sores high.
Pride we have,
Freedom we will always have!!


**Future Marine Corp Mom**

nice feeled poem a lil scary though lol!!!!!!!

Sadley terroist groups etc will last longer than anything. IRA lasted ALONG time and the amount uk got put through but then went on sieze but then little things came happen.

Its a lesson to be learnt and a terrible one at that!!!!

Sad thing is the people that caused this took their own lifes and people are looking for the answers to why yet will not find them!!
Oh, btw, sorry if my initial post in this thread sounded like the Sunday Night Movie he he. I don't often live such drama. In fact, it was the single most dramatic moment in this old soldier's lifetime.
Wow...talk abut resurrecting an OLD thread. :lol: Let's hope the US can kill off Al-Qaida faster than the IRA is dying.
I have a move i made about 9/11 and if anyone wants to see it look at my profile and istant message me on one of my chat serveses (or email)

IRA ain't dying...........if anything they are bigger............its not just irish now they have muslims...........islams.....any kinda race and religion.

IRA has lost what it used to stand for i think.

There was a big bank robbery a couple of weeks agon in ireland and its said to be IRA who did it to fund a terroist group