9/11-I need help!!!!


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I am doing a project for school about the 9/11/2001 attack on the WTC and Pentagon. I need info about the failures that aloud the terorists to hijack the planes and crash them into the buildings.
Getting explosives, guns, knives, etc. through security checkpoints at airports was not horribly difficult then(still not tons difficult now). And then there is the fact that the Americans that crashed in Pennsylvania were the only ones with enough guts to not allow themselves to be suppressed. Man, where did we go wrong.
Clinton wouldn't commit to killing bin Leden beyond top secret CIA no chance-taking oppurtunites in the '90s. That and Mossoud got wiped out two days before 9/11. :x
Yeah Clinton was a gutless worm if you can even give him such a prestigious title as that. He had the same intel Bush had. he had guns trained on bin laden(literally) for many years, but wouldn't give the command to shoot. All the problems Bush has to put up with are a direct result of the inability of Clinton to do his friggin job.
ya and i heard in the news they had one of the phone number and adress of the guy who flew one of the planes into the WTC and the thing is it isnt bushes fault about not acting then...cause Clinton (slick willy as my jr. high teacher called him :wink: ) was president

Ok, thanks, but i changed the subject since my friends who are doing the project wanted to do it about somthing else...