3 officers at a bar


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3 military officers walk out a bar, One is a Sargent the other 2 are privates. The Sgt is sober and the privates are wasted. The Sgt calls for a taxi.

A taxi comes over and the driver notices that the two privates are drunk and can smell liquor from the Sgt breath. The driver ask where you want to go.

The Sgt speaks and says we need to go 2 blocks and take a right to the next bar on Willfort Street.

The driver turns on the taxi and than turns it back on and says we are here.

The Sgt gives him the money calculated for such distance to the next bar, than climbs out. One of the privates says thank you as he exits the vehicle.

The last private slaps the driver and than the drive ask what was that for. The privates replies with you drove to fast and exits the vehicle.