20mm HEAB

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We are talking a lot about the 556 round being "inhumane", what about the 20mm HEAB which will purposely put mini-fragments into the air. Is this a problem? I think this is a great development. If you have ever tried to lob a 40 accurately into a small area just to watch the blast be deflected, the air burst would be a god send. Any opinions?
inhumane and effectiveness go hand in hand. The better a weapon system is at killing, the more people complain. There are people out there who would like to see war fought with magnetic fields and sticky foam. i watched a 2 hour show on it. People need to shut their mouths...

no one talks about air bursting artillery. A 94 pound round bursting at 20 meters produces a lot of steel rain.

I am all for the new 40mm exploding round. Any of those bastards who hide behind walls and corners of buildings would get it. But then some fragments would hit some crazy camera man and the military would catch hell...war is hell
Did they ever think getting shot is "inhumane". Or maybe war itself is "inhumane". Not inhuman though, man has, does, and will always war. Therefore war is a human thing to engage in, though not humane. That's the way I see things, its all in the interpertation of 'humane'.

War is the most simple affirmation of life. Suppress war, and it would be like trying to suppress the processes of nature. These are also terrible. Every living thing is terrible.
-Joseph Paul Goebbels

Makes sense, in a terrible perverted sort of way. :|