Your Feelings on Ricky Williams "early" retirement - Page 2

October 16th, 2004  
The Other Guy
Originally Posted by Sooners1
For all you Ricky fans, he might be back but as a Raider. There is a possible deal now between him, Dolphins and Raiders. Would you want him?
I don't like him, but I like the raiders, so that is good to hear.
October 17th, 2004  
silent driller
Originally Posted by Darkmb101
i think acts stupid becuase he smokes pot, but at teh same time, he made teh right choice of leaving teh NFL
"Teh?" Anyway, He should have sat out the season and done some rehab or something. He definitely shouldn't have screwed himself out of 8 million green!
October 22nd, 2004  
Duty Honor Country
William's lawyer met with NFL officials today to discuss the situation

Attorney: Williams retired over disagreement with NFL

By John Nadel, The Associated Press
SANTA MONICA, Calif. Ricky Williams abruptly retired from the Miami Dolphins last summer because he disagreed with the NFL over a disputed drug test. Williams now wants to play again.

Attorney David Cornwell said Thursday the league "took a position regarding that test that we thought was inappropriate. What we challenged was the testing and the specimen from last December's testing," Cornwell said after a 90-minute meeting with two NFL officials and a union representative aimed at resuming the star running back's career...