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March 28th, 2015  
Yemen Watch - News, Updates & Discussions.
Another mistake from Arab-west coalition.
March 28th, 2015  
Half of Yemen is under AL-QAEDA control. And no one (specialty KSA) bothered to bomb them?
That's ridiculous.

March 28th, 2015  
Yemen Houthi rebels advance despite Saudi-led air strikes

(Reuters) - Yemen's Houthi rebels made broad gains in the country's south and east on Friday despite a second day of Saudi-led air strikes meant to check the Iranian-backed militia's efforts to overthrow President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi.

Shi'ite Muslim Houthi fighters and allied army units gained their first foothold on Yemen's Arabian Sea coast by seizing the port of Shaqra 100km (60 miles) east of Aden, residents told Reuters.

Explosions and crackles of small gunfire rang out across Aden late on Friday as Houthis made a push on the southern port city's airport, a witness said.

The advances threaten Hadi's last refuge in Yemen and potentially undermine the air campaign to support him.

The spokesman for the Saudi-led operation, Brigadier General Ahmed Asseri, told a press conference in Riyadh that defending the Aden government was the campaign's "main objective".

"The operation will continue as long as there is a need for it to continue," Asseri said.

Warplanes targeted Houthi forces controlling Yemen's capital Sanaa and their northern heartland on Friday. Asseri said that planes from the United Arab Emirates had carried out their first strikes in the past 24 hours.

In a boost for Saudi Arabia, Morocco said it would join the rapidly assembled Sunni Muslim coalition against the Houthis. Pakistan, named by Saudi Arabia as a partner, said it had made no decision on whether to contribute.

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Riyadh’s military intervention is the latest front in a growing regional contest for power with Iran that is also playing out in Syria, where Tehran backs Assad’s government against mainly Sunni rebels, and Iraq, where Iranian-backed Shi’ite militias are playing a major role in fighting.

Sunni monarchies in the Gulf are backing Hadi and his fellow Sunnis in the country's south against the Shi'ite advance.

Yemen's powerful ex-president Ali Abdullah Saleh, whose military units fight alongside the Houthis, called on Friday for a cessation of hostilities by both sides, according to a statement carried by his party's website.

Yemeni Foreign Minister Riyadh Yaseen said the air campaign could end within days.

He said the door was still open for dialogue with the Houthis, while in a Facebook posting, Hadi urged Yemenis to be patient and predicted the Houthis would soon be gone.

But the Houthis and allied army units seized the southern town of Shaqra in Abyan province on Friday, gaining access to the Arabian Sea, residents said.

Their entry into the city means they control most land routes to Aden and can block tribal fighters trying to come in to reinforce Hadi's troops.

Residents said dozens of pickup trucks loaded with tribal fighters have reached the town of Mudyah and were expected to clash with the Houthi forces based in Shaqra and the town of Lodar.

During a week of intense fighting, the Houthis have taken the Red Sea port of al-Mukha to Aden's northwest, and the city's northern outskirts, suggesting Aden is danger, despite the air strikes against the Houthis.

Eyewitnesses in Sanaa said Houthi fighters and allied military units were re-positioning some anti-aircraft units at police stations in some neighborhoods, causing panic among residents, who fear they will become targets for air strikes. Residents said aircraft targeted bases around Sanaa of Republican Guards allied to the Houthis, and also struck near a military installation that houses missiles. The Houthi-controlled Saba news agency put the death toll in Sanaa at 24 and said 43 were wounded and 14 houses were destroyed.

Houthi-run al-Masirah television also said 15 people were killed in an air strike on a market in the northern city of Saada.
Yemen Watch - News, Updates & Discussions.
March 28th, 2015  
Today the Houthis managed to continue their advance and gain ground in the Shabwa province, gaining control of the 19th brigade and all areas around it in Bayhan, which was previously controlled by Al Qaeda.

All credits goes to PDF
March 28th, 2015  
Saudi-Led Coalition Jet Shot Down in Yemen's Sanaa – Source

A local source told Sputnik that a warplane of the Saudi-led coalition striking Yemen’s Houthi rebels was downed in area near country's capital Sanaa.

SANAA (Sputnik) – A warplane of the Saudi-led coalition striking Yemen’s Houthi rebels was downed in Al Hatarish area near country's capital Sanaa, local source told Sputnik Saturday.

Earlier in the day, Yemeni media reported that country’s air defense forces had hit a coalition jet.

According to the source, the pilot of the jet is “alive and was placed under arrest.”

On Wednesday night, a Saudi Arabia-led coalition including the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Jordan, Morocco, Sudan, Pakistan and Egypt launched a military campaign against Houthi positions in Sanaa. The operation followed a request by the country's ousted President Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi.

The airstrikes have caused dozens of deaths and casualties.

Can anyone confirm that?
March 28th, 2015  
Arab operation hit Yemen base holding long-range missiles: Yemeni official

(Reuters) - A Saudi-led military operation has targeted a base where Iranian-backed Houthi fighters had set up long-range missiles and pointed them towards the southern Yemeni city of Aden and neighboring countries, a Yemeni official said on Saturday.

The official told Reuters that Yemeni authorities had received information that Iranian experts had brought in parts for the missiles at the base, located south of Sanaa.

Iran denies allegations made by some Yemeni and Western officials that it is providing money and training to the Shi'ite Muslim Houthis, whose rapid territorial advances triggered an Arab military campaign against them.

The official, a member of the Yemeni delegation at an Arab League summit in Egypt, showed Reuters mobile phone pictures of a huge orange mushroom cloud, saying it was the force of the rockets exploding at the base after it was targeted.

He did not specify which countries the rockets were directed at.

Houthi fighters seeking to overthrow the Western- and Saudi-backed Yemeni President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi have continued to make gains since the Saudi-led coalition launched air strikes against them on Thursday.

"It's not in our interest to directly confront them army-to-army because they (Houthis) have heavy weapons," said the official.

"It is in our interest for them to enter and becoming a constant, sitting target and then we can pick them off."
March 29th, 2015  
Most severe battles until now are raging in Aden.
Aden Airport is switching sides every couple of hours.

March 29th, 2015  

Red : Al-Qaeda + Ex-president Hadi suporters +Southern separatist
Green : Houthi + Yemeni Army + Ex-president Saleh suporters
Black : ISIS
March 29th, 2015  
March 30th, 2015  
Yemeni Army to Win Control over Aden in Hours

Mon Mar 30, 2015 2:54

TEHRAN (FNA)- The Yemeni forces, backed by Ansarullah fighters, are on the verge of milestone victory by seizing control of the city of Aden in the South in the next few hours.
Fierce clashes are currently underway in Aden and the Army and revolutionary forces have managed to take control of many districts in the city, Al-Massa Press reported.

The Ansarullah forces have just regained control of the city of Taez, Yemen's third largest city in the North of Aden a few hours ago.

Aden is seen as the main stronghold of forces loyal to the ousted president, Mansour Hadi, as well as terrorist troops.

On Sunday Ansarullah fighters regained control over Aden International Airport after heavy clashes with the forces loyal to fugitive Yemeni President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi.

The forces loyal to Mansour Hadi had seized control of the airport only on Thursday, and German news agencies reported that Ansarullah could defeat them and took it back today.

The Ansarullah fighters also made major advances in the surrounding areas of the airport.

Medical sources, meantime, confirmed that a sum of 113 forces loyal to Mansour Hadi were killed in Sunday clashes in Aden.

Saudi Arabia has been striking Yemen for five days now, killing, at least, 70 civilians and injuring hundreds more.

Five Persian Gulf States -- Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Bahrain, Qatar and Kuwait -- and Egypt that are also assisted by Israel and backed by the US have declared war on Yemen in a joint statement issued earlier Thursday.

US President Barack Obama authorized the provision of logistical and intelligence support to the military operations, National Security Council Spokesperson Bernadette Meehan said late Wednesday night.

She added that while US forces were not taking direct military action in Yemen, Washington was establishing a Joint Planning Cell with Saudi Arabia to coordinate US military and intelligence support.

Riyadh claimed that it has bombed the positions of the Ansarullah fighters and launched attacks against the Sana'a airport and the Dulaimi airbase.

Despite Riyadh's claims that it is attacking Ansarullah positions, Saudi warplanes have flattened a number of homes near Sana’a international airport.

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