March 6th, 2006  
sven hassell

Topic: Xm307

Just seen this.
XM307 ACSW Advanced Crew-Served Weapon / automatic grenade launcher (USA)

XM307 ACSW grenade launcher, front view
Image: GDATP

XM307 ACSW grenade launcher, rear view
Image: PEO Soldier, US Army

XM307 ACSW grenade launcher on field trials
Image: PEO Soldier, US Army Caliber: 25x59mm
Type: gas operated, belt fed automatic grenade launcher
Overall length: 1328 mm
Weight: 22.7 kg complete with tripod mount and sight / fire control unit
Effective range: up to 2000 m against point targets, 3600 m maximum
Rate of fire: 250 rounds per minute

Anyone got any links to one in action?
March 7th, 2006  
Whispering Death
I anxiously await its deployment. Toss it into google video search or something, I see it all the time on the history channel.