WWII US Operation Cobra July 18-25th 1944!

January 27th, 2010  

Topic: WWII US Operation Cobra July 18-25th 1944!

Operation Cobra, would start in conjunction with the rest of the operations, The British had Goodwood, Canadians
had Atlantic & Spring on the 25th. It was designed to be a sneaky infiltration launched by First United States Army.
American Lieutenant General Omar Bradley's and Collins to gain good terrain conceived a plan to push forward to
Saint-Lô–Periers road, along with VII and VIII Corps to secure a jump-off position. The intention was to take advantage
of the German preoccupation with British and Canadian activity around the town of Caen, and would travel InCognito
and not be noticed by the Natzies! On 18 July, in the western sector the American 29th and 35th Infantry Divisions
managed to gain the vital heights of Saint-Lô, driving back General der Fallschirmtruppen Eugen Meindl's II Parachute
Corps, together with the 352nd Infantry Division. The Second Arm, sustained over 4,800 casualties. First Army's attempt
to press forward in the western sector was eventually halted due to heavy rain on the 20th, the same conditions that had
also been hampering "Op Goodwood "and "Atlantic", "Bradley" decided to postpone "Op Cobra" for a few days.This
decision worried “Monty”, as the British and Canadian operations had been launched to support a “break-out” attempt
by the Americans, that was failing to materialize. Having been delayed several times by bad weather "Operation Cobra"
commenced on 25th July and was an immediate success. It's to be noted that if it wasn't for the Canadian "Op Spring"
diverting all the Germans attention, the US would of suffered heavier Casualties on the 25th.

Could the 4.800 US casualties leading to July 20th, been prevented?

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