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View Poll Results :What is Your Favorite WWII PC Game?
Call of Duty Series 10 35.71%
Microsoft CFS-1 0 0%
Microsoft CFS-2 0 0%
Microsoft CFS-3 0 0%
Wolfenstien 3D 0 0%
Return to Castle Wolfenstien 0 0%
Medal of Honor- Allied Assault 1 3.57%
MOHAA-Spearhead 1 3.57%
MOHAA-Breakthrough 0 0%
Battlefield 1942 3 10.71%
BF1942- The Road to Rome 0 0%
BF1942- Secret Weapons of WWII 1 3.57%
IL2 Sturmovik 0 0%
A Different Game (please say which one) 12 42.86%
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April 20th, 2005  
I love the Medal of Honor Warchest
April 22nd, 2005  
ok guys ....boasting time

call of duty....because i have just become part of the best tactical realism clan on the net (oh god...i am king of the nerds) BdG tactical

we play as close to real combat as possible (well...as close as the game will allow us!)

April 24th, 2005  
Brother in Arms and Call of duty is amazing I used to like MOH but then they made like 20 of them and I got sick of it.
April 25th, 2005  
Originally Posted by Rommel
I used to like MOH but then they made like 20 of them and I got sick of it.
They are probably going to do the same thing with Call of Duty. But if they do lets all hope that they are as good as the first one.
May 2nd, 2005  
Its time to find another conflict to explore. I had enough with World War II games already.

Oddly, EA Games are currently constructing Medal of HOnor European Assualt but I am pessimistic that it would be a success. The MOH Franchise has gone through a terminal decline from the previous games they have released.
May 3rd, 2005  
lets face it, the first one was groundbreaking and really pushed the barriers but since then they have drifted back and haven't released anything as brilliant, from what i recall some of thier releases have been pretty buggy
May 4th, 2007  
I LOVE playing the call of duty series!!!