WWI Military Sport

May 12th, 2010  
Korean Seaboy

Topic: WWI Military Sport

During WWI, the British invented this ingenious game.
Title: I forgot what it was called (really, I don't recall the name of this game)

Rules: The soldiers capture a prisoner, preferably a German.
The soldiers get one grenade, pull the pin, and put it on the prisoner's pocket. The prisoner has to get the grenade out of his pocket for obivious reasons. If the prisoner survives, he is set free.

Notes: A prisoner once knew in advance what was happening, so he drilled a hole in his pocket, when it came to be his turn, the grenade fell out of the pocket. The soldiers, not knowing what was happening, just stood then as the prisoner ran like he*l, BOOM and the soldiers got killed. The prisoner got freed and got a medal for killing the soldiers by their own grenade in their own game.

Moral: Never play with weapons, especially grenades that have their pins pulled....

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