The World According to ISIS: Horrifying map of target countries

July 11th, 2016  

Topic: The World According to ISIS: Horrifying map of target countries

Jake Burman wrote a piece about the targets of ISIS terrorism. His piece includes various threats of the terrorist organisation to global security.

The piece starts, “This is the terrifying new map of Europe released by Islamic State (ISIS) – drawn-up to show the areas it plans dominate in the next five years.”

the map:
July 12th, 2016  
Meh, I do not have a great deal of faith in western journalisms ability or desire to understand or report ISIS motives.

When you consider that ISIS's "New map of Europe" is a map of the furtherest extend of the Islamic world in the 1500s I tend to think that our thinking is as out of date as theirs is backward.

Perhaps it is time to end the paralysis by analysis program that is getting us absolutely nowhere and just start shooting.
Sure they will go off on a lets suicide bombing rampage and innocent people will die but they are doing that anyway so really we are only arguing over whether we should pull the bandaid off fast or slow.

I am also relatively confident that if the life expectancy of an ISIS "soldier" was a few days hiding in terror of recieving a gunship delivery recruitment levels would plummet and all those angry rebellious teen converts would think twice or at the very worst natural selection would solve the problem.

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